Cannot get the passport and face scan to work?

Read here to learn what you can do.

With MitID, high demands are placed on you to be able to confirm who you are. Now, the MitID app can help with that. The app can:

  1. scan the code
  2. read the chip in the passport
  3. scan a face to compare it with the photo in the passport

It works just like a passport control at the airport.

If you experience errors during the process or are told that your approval failed, it may mean that your face scan could not match your passport photo. There can be many reasons for this - for example, your passport photo resolution is not high enough to make a safe match.

In some cases, there will be more things you can do.

Please try again and:

  • Make sure that you have updated the MitID app to the latest version. See the version under settings in the app - it must be at least 2.2.5 (IOS) and 2.2.3 (Android)
  • Go to a place with good lighting - not too little, and not too much
  • Remove glasses or brush the hair away from your face
  • Remove the cover from the phone
  • Try someone else's phone. Read more about it here 

Make sure that the phone you are using is updated. The operating system must be no later than iOS 12 (iPhones) or Android version 7.

See our tips and tricks movie (english subtitles) (5:49)

The alternatives

If you are in the process of getting MitID, you can read more about other ways to get MitID, for example, by booking an appointment in Borgerservice. Get started with MitID

If you already have MitID but have lost your MitID app or your MitID code viewer, then you must book an appointment with citizen service to be reactivated.

Have you forgotten your PIN code for the MitID app? Contact MitiD support

Have you forgotten your user ID? Get your user-ID

Have you forgotten your password? Get a new password


More on the issues that may arise

Here you can see a slightly more thorough review of where problems can occur in the three steps:

You must scan the code in the passport to proceed to step 2. You can also enter the information manually.

If you have a cover on your phone, taking it off is a good idea.

First of all, the phone needs to find the chip. It may differ from phone to phone where the so-called NFC reader is located.

Place the phone on the passport and move it around until the dots in the "scanner chip" start. The phone should be completely still when they start until a tick appears.

At this step, the most common cause of error messages is that the phone has not been idle. It takes some time to scan the chip, so be patient.

Conversely, an error message can also be due to a "timeout" if it has taken too long to find or start reading the chip. The MitID app must be closed and restarted for all error messages, after which you can try again.

If you do not wear glasses on the passport photo, taking them off is a good idea before scanning your face. Also, make sure that there is proper light around you.

However, when using an Android phone, ensure there is not too much light. So move a little away from the window, for example.

Place your face in the frame, and keep the phone still before the "I am ready" button becomes active. This is especially important on Android phones.

Please hold the phone right in front of your face. There must be no angle between the phone and the face. Keep both phone and face as quiet as possible during the scan. Only move the phone back and forth when the app asks for it, not from side to side.

Keep your face and phone still as much as possible. If the face scan fails, try again with slow motions. For example, hold the phone with both hands. If necessary, try with another phone.

If you get repeated errors, it is probably because your passport image cannot match your face with sufficient probability. There may be several reasons for this, e.g. that the photo in the passport is not of sufficiently high quality or that you have changed your physical appearance since you took the passport photo.