Step 3 - Scan passport code, read chip and scan face

Guide - when you help another person (who has a passport and a newer phone)

Step 0 - See how you may help
Step 1 - Check phone and passport
Step 2 - Download and open the MitID app
Step 3 - Scan passport code, read chip and scan face
Step 4 - Create user ID
Step 5 - Activate or order MitID

When you need to confirm the identity of the person you are helping to get MitID, you need to go through the following: part 1) Scan passport code, part 2: Read passport chip, part 3: Scan face (to compare with passport photo). This is to make sure that the person you are helping to get MitID is the same person who owns the passport. 

The guide is for Danish, Greelandic and Faroese passports. 

Video guide: Tips and tricks for scanning passports and face in the MitID app (english subtitles) (5:27)

Guide: Cannot get the passport and face scan to work?

  1. Watch the short video in the app to see what to do
  2. Open the passport on the page with the passport photo
  3. Find the code with the passport details – it's at the bottom of the passport and starts with 'P'
  4. Press the Scan the code button in the MitID app
  5. Turn your phone horizontally
  6. Navigate your phone until the code from the passport is in the bottom field. There should be a gap of about 12 cm
  7. Hold the phone still when the arrows on the screen match the bottom code of the passport
  8. When the code is scanned, it will vibrate, and you will see a tick mark

Tip: If you choose to enter the passport details manually you may find that you cannot select the correct date. This is because you cannot select a date back in time. Therefore, select the month and year first, and the date last.

  1. Watch the short video in the app to see what to do
  2. Place the passport on a horizontal surface
  3. If your phone has a cover, remove it
  4. Place the top of the phone halfway inside the front of the passport. Then you're ready to read the passport chip. It is hidden inside the front of the passport
  5. Press the Read the chip button in the MitID app and start scanning
  6. Hold the phone still for a few seconds to allow the chip to be read
  7. You will see some circles – and text that the scan is in progress
  8. The reading is complete when the phone vibrates and shows a tick

Tip: If you can't see the circles and text that the scan is in progress, try moving the phone around. Then the phone can try to catch the chip again. Also, avoid touching the phone and passport until the scan is complete. 

  1. Watch a short video in the app to see what to do.
  2. The person you are helping should now hold the phone up in front of his or her face so that the face fits into the frame (to make sure the person who owns the passport is also the one using it)
  3. Press the I'm ready button when the face is in the frame. You will be given continuous instructions to follow. It may take some time to scan the face correctly
  4. The scan is complete when you see the text 'Verify' and then go to the step overview.

Tip: If you cannot press the 'I'm ready' button, try moving further away or closer to the blue frame until the 'I am ready' button turns blue. The on-screen instructions will guide you on what to do.

Tip: If you can't scan the face, try:

  • Go somewhere else to get better lighting on the face.
  • Remove any glasses or other items on the face. 

Tip: If you as a helper cannot read the instructions on the screen It may be difficult for you as a helper to see the screen and the instructions, because the screen has to be quite close to the other person's face. Alternatively, you can carry out the scan with you holding and controlling the phone when the face is scanned. It may be a little easier to hold the phone with two