Step 4 - Create user ID 

  1. Look away while the person you are helping makes up and enters a user ID. You must not know the person's user ID.

The user ID must be easy for the person to remember, as it must be used every time MitID is used - but difficult for others to guess.  

  1. Look away while the person presses Next.

  1. Enter the phone number of the person you want to have MitID, so he or she can receive important security messages about their MitID by SMS
  2. Press Send code and the system will send a validation code by SMS
  3. Enter or copy the validation code from the SMS

Tip: Copy the validation code into the app In some phones, you just need to tap the grey box to have the code from the SMS automatically entered - or you can see it on a banner that appears at the top for a few seconds. Finally, there are phones where you have to go to your messaging app to see the SMS and back again in the MitID app to enter the code.