Help others with MitID

Even though support is offered by both MitID and your bank, it is sometimes nice to get support from someone you know and trust - you just need to be aware of what is allowed and what is not allowed. Remember that MitID is personal and private - absolutely. If you ask for support from someone you trust and know, it is a good idea to show them this page, so they become familiar with the restrictions.

What you can do

Prepare for MitID
You are allowed to help locating information about MitID that will help that person get ready for MitID.

Get this ready

  • A computer, a tablet or a smart phone.
  • NemID key card or key app that belongs to the person you are helping (remember you are not allowed to use another person's NemID).
  • Access to SMS or email.

In the process of getting MitID

  • You are allowed to enter contact information such as phone number or email.
  • You are allowed to enter information from SMS or email, e.g. when you need to validate the phone number.
  • You can tell the person, who is getting MitID, how to greate a strong user ID and a strong password – but you are not allowed to know what they are.

For more information

You are not allowed to

  • You must not see or become familiar with the personal code for the one you help or support. The codes are not to be shared with anyone.
  • You are not allowed to handle or keep the MitID app, code display, audio code reader or chip for the person you assist or support. They are all personal and are only to be kept and used by the person, who's MitID is attached.

Look away
You must look away, when the person you assist creates or enters the following:

  • The user ID that is used everytime MitID is used.
  • PIN code to be used when the user approves in the MitID app.
  • Access code to be used with the user's code display and audio code reader.

You cannot get MitID for someone else

You cannot get MitID for someone else. A person, who is not able to get MitID on their own (even with the assistance described above), must visit their citizen service centre - if that person is required to log in or approve transactions using self-service solutions. If the person needs someone to do actions in self service (e.g. relateives), the relatives must have power of attorney to that specifik self service.
Read more about power of attorney and MitID  

Help others get MitID

Help others get MitID

The phone must be at least an iPhone 7 or a newer Android phone.

An iPhone older than iPhone 7 or an Android with an older operating system than version 7.

The phone must be an iPhone 7 or newer – or a newer Android phone with at least version 7 operating system.

Get help at your Citizen Service Centre

Get help at your Citizen Service Centre

You can get your MitID from a Citizen Service Center.

When you visit your Citizen Service Centre to get help, you must identify yourself using valid and official documentation. Remember to book time for before your visit.

Find your nearest citizen service center