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MitID app

With the MitID app you can swipe to approve on your mobile phone or your tablet. For example, if you need to transfer money to your online bank, view your tax information or shop online.

Approve with the MitID app

Get help and guidance on how to use the MitID app. What you need to do when using the MitID app depends on whether you use your phone, a computer or tablet.

Approve with the MitID app How to get the MitID app

The MitID app works on most smartphones with iOS or Android.

Make sure that your operating system is updated. Read more about the requirements of the MitID app for your smartphone or tablet.

You can switch between Danish and English languages in the MitID app. Go to your phone's settings, and locate MitID (on iPhone: MitID is found by scrolling down the screen. On Android: MitID is under 'Apps'). Under 'Language,' select the language you prefer. The MitID app will now use the chosen language.

Extra MitID app

It is a good idea to have a spare MitID as a backup. This way you can still use MitID if, for example, you lose your phone with the MitID app.

For example, you can have the MitID app on both your smartphone and tablet.

You can have up to 3 active MitID apps.

Have a spare MitID

Multiple users on the same MitID app

There can be multiple users on a single MitID app. This is convenient if you also need to use MitID for your work.

It could also be that several people in the same household use the same tablet. In that case, you cannot use fingerprint or face recognition - each person needs their own user ID and PIN code for the MitID app, which should not be shared.

  • Open the MitID app and press the menu at the top of the screen
  • Choose Register another user and press Next
  • Press Get started on the screen 'Activate MitID'
  • Choose Passport/ID card or Activation code - Press Next
  • Follow the instructions in the app
Help to get MitID with passport/ID card

Other authenticators

There are three alternatives to the MitID app - MitID code display, MitID audio code reader and MitID chip.

MitID code display

The code display is a small electronic device that displays a one-time password code. Enter the one-time password code, when you log on to confirm your MitID.

Order MitID code display
Activate MitID code display
Block MitID code display
Have a spare MitID

Read more about MitID code display

MitID audio code reader

The audio code reader is intended for people with impaired vision. The audio code reader will read the one-time password code out loud and display the code on the screen of the device. Enter the one-time password code, when you log on to confirm your MitID.

Order MitID audio code reader
Activate MitID audio code reader
Block MitID audio code reader
Have a spare MitID

Read more about MitID audio code reader

MitID chip

MitID chip is for you who need to approve and log on with MitID many times every day, eg in connection with your work.

Order chip
Activate MitID chip
Block MitID chip

Read more about MitID chip